Sparking Creativity and innovation with People, Communities and Public Services

Fire Starter Festival (FSF) is an annual festival held in February. In 2021, the festival will take place 1-5 February 2021 and will be held predominantly online. The festival is a place for sparking creativity and innovation for people, communities and public services.

Until the Start of Fire Starter Festival 2021!

Where to start?

Are you intrigued and want to learn more, or would like to contribute to the next festival? Either way, learn more about the festival and how you can get involved!

Get Involved

You want to create your own fires of change and put up your a #FSF2021 event yourself. Find out to host and upload a Fire Starter event here.

Spread the Spark!

Fire Starter Festival is all about spreading little fires of change. Make sure you stay connected with the Fire Starter community on Twitter and sign up the newsletter.

What Happened at the Last Festival?

110 Events

3,750 participants

Events spreading from Scotland, over Wales to Ireland

Join our weekly Campfires!

An opportunity to connect with the Fire Starter and Creative Bravery Community and spark off any ideas you have for #FSF2021! At each campfire we will continue to develop the festival and help you make the connections you need to create an event for #FSF2021 and continue on your creatively brave journey.

Credit for Header photo: Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash