Apply for event funding

Need funding to help host your event for Fire Starter Festival 2020?

This year we’re delighted to say that the Institute for Continuous Improvement (ICiPS) is providing £5,000 to the festival. This is available for those who would like to host an event but don’t have access to organisational funds and would otherwise struggle to secure a venue.

A maximum of £200 per individual event is available on a first come first serve basis.

To access the funds, all you need to do is email ICiPS on providing the location, date, time, cost and duration of your proposed event, as well as your name, email and phone number. ICiPS will book the room or venue, pay for it and confirm the booking with you.

ICiPS will then share your details with us so we can provide you with an evaluation form and support you as your group develops. ICiPS will not hold your details once they have passed them on.

Good luck!