Behavioural Science , the future of employability?

Esher House - YMCA Scotland

Behavioural Science , the future of employability?

by Esher House - YMCA Scotland
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The right intervention at the right time, every time Insights from one of the most effective employability interventions in the world.

There has been a “cognitive revolution” – a profound increase in understanding why humans behave the way we do. The fact is that humans do not act for “net gain”, as economics might have us believe. Rather, we:

lack self-control;

take the simplest route and;

as a social animal – predominately act in order to impress (or avoid embarrassment).

These are the drivers of human behaviours. Holding these principles at the forefront of intervention development will deliver the greatest outcomes.

Whilst not always completely predictable, controlled testing can help to identify what works and inform ways to “nudge” – to borrow Thaler and Sunstein’s phrase – citizens towards better choices.

Esher House harnesses knowledge from proprietary research, behavioural science and controlled pilots, devises evidenced-based interventions and delivers world-leading outcomes for government initiatives.

In short, we substantially improve the return on investment for the public purse.

Interventions can seem closer to common sense that rocket science…whilst results are often surprising, debunking generations of conventional wisdom.

In 2019 we partnered with YMCA Scoltand Youthworks mentoring program to assist their outcome of supporting young people from some of Scotland’s most challenging communities back towards work and learning.

Join us to for a short presentation on this joint piece of work and our wider employability programs. We will discuss how behavioural analytics and can change the way we allocate resource, build individual responses at scale and deliver the right intervention at the right time, everytime.


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07-02-2020 @ 13:30
07-02-2020 @ 15:30


1 Chesser Ave, Edinburgh


YMCA Scotland

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