The Art of the Impossible: the producer competencies

Fire Starter Festival

The Art of the Impossible: the producer competencies

by Fire Starter Festival
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The first event in the event series curated by Fire Starter Festival about exploring the influence of the arts on public services. #fsf2020

About this Event

Hosted by creative producer Suzy Glass and IFF director Graham Leicester, this workshop explores the producer role in the world of the arts and its relevance to all creative 21st century endeavour. The producer acts as a bridge between the art and the world, helping to turn a creative vision into reality. The approach has evident relevance to the challenges we face in the public and social sectors. We need creative ideas realised in creative action. How might the ‘producer competencies’ help?


This event is the first event in the ‘Exploring the influence of the arts on public services’ series on 28 January 2020. The series is curated by the Fire Starter Festival events team and hosted by various partners. The event is part of Fire Starter Festival 2020. #fsf2020

Fire Starter Festival (FSF) is an annual three week festival highlighting and celebrating innovation and creativity in Scottish public services, with a particular focus on transformational change. It allows people from all aspects of public service to showcase and share the innovative and creative ways they are making a difference to Scotland. Please check out all the different events in our FSF events calendar. The festival runs between 27 January and 14 February 2020.

Other events in the series are:

Decorate/ Disrupt: what’s the role of art in transforming public services?  (28/01/2020: 13:00 – 15:30)

Trailblazing dialogue walks for Scotland  (28/01/2020 : 16:00-19:00)


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28-01-2020 @ 09:30
@ 12:30


36 King's Stables Road, Whitespace, Edinburgh, Scotland

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ArtsCommunityCreativityDialogueDisruptionInnovationLeadershipPlaySystems approaches

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