Fire Starter Festival 2021 (1-5th February)

I can’t quite believe that we are preparing for next year’s Fire Starter Festival. It wasn’t long after the close of this year’s festival in February that life changed dramatically for us all, and we found ourselves in lockdown. This crisis undoubtedly brought rapid change and most of us found ourselves working differently from home, communicating on-line, but also the surprisingly ability to make new connections.

So will the next year’s Fire Starter be less vibrant because it will be on-line? We don’t think so.  Being on-line has enabled us all to connect locally and globally, developing a range of loose ties, meaningful connections, bringing fresh and diverse thinking. Have a wee peak at the new online calendar for a flavour of this year’s festival, and upload your own event via the online form.

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

Thanks to our experience with the Creative Bravery Festival and our experiences of delivery on-line spaces for learning and reflection we think this next festival gives us an opportunity to share the kinds of spaces that have become extremely important in times like these. Spaces for conversation, reflection, sharing and cross-fertilisation of ideas will be at the heart of the festival.

For example:

  • The Sanctuary will provide a quiet space for guided contemplation
  • There will be 3 cafés each day all opening up possibilities for  new connections, diverse thinking and cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • There will be workshops on harnessing your creativity
  • Opportunities to get away from the screen and go for a dialogue walk.

With the US elections, the Black Lives Matters movement, the pandemic etc. the issues of power and polarisation have dominated much of our conversations.

Power is something that requires a space for reflection. We can view it in different ways, recognising different dimensions: the ability to choose issues, the ability to choose which issues are deemed important, and the ability to choose the belief that society holds, and the ability to act individually and collectively.  This is one of the main purposes of Fire Starter: to choose the issues that you think are important, create a space for people to come to, and ignite a small fire of change.

We will ignite this year’s festival with a launch that is all about power. We were so impressed with the Balancing Act, a piece of forum theatre in the last festival, that we have been working with Active Inquiry theatre company to design something truly original for the 2021 launch. Drawing from the Hard Edges Report, they are designing a  a piece of  Legislative Theatre  enables us as citizens to become actors, activists and policy makers. Can you shape a different outcome for our protagonist?

Use your power and be part of the festival. It’s easy. Create an event on something like Eventbrite , and then load it up on our website!

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