Fire Starter Festival – the power of democratic spaces

It’s only a few days before the festival begins, and we marvel at the array of events and activities on offer. The range of which we could not have imagined or planned for e.g. surviving the zombie apocalypse.

This element of the unexpected is vital to what the festival is about. We see the festival as a democratic space, accessible to all to contribute through hosting and attending. It is about occupying a space that encourages freedom of speech: an opportunity to contribute to shaping and reimagining our future services and communities. You do not need to be invited to participate, that is your right as a citizen.

This festival reflects what is important to those who have created it – a breathing space for diversity, reflection and collective decision making.  It’s also a place to take risks, share work in progress and an opportunity to move away from polarised views, to experiment with different ways of being, to hear diverse voices and be part of a collective of change makers. 

We begin with a Legislative Theatre launch, exploring how theatre can be a means for shifting power in creating policy.  We the audience will become “Spect-Actors” actively considering how we respond to oppression on a systemic level, and investigating what power we have to mobilise for change and build a civic society. 

We also invite you take time away from the screen and walk your landscapes. There are wonderful opportunities to reimagine your communities, meet with a stranger and reflect on what is emerging for you throughout the festival. We will meet on the last day of the festival to share those reflections and consider our next steps.

So please, support your fellow citizens who have been brave enough to create and share their democratic spaces. Come along to events that ignite your curiosity, and with an open mind and a willingness to create your small fire of change.

Have a look at all events in our online event calendar here.

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