FSF Resources

Below are some resources to support Fire Starter Festival hosts and participants. Click on the links to download the resources.

The next festival will run from 1-5th February 2021 and will be predominately on-line.

‘The Spark’ – our FSF newsletter – see the latest edition here.

You can subscribe to ‘The Spark’ here.

Fire Starter Videos – a suite of videos telling the story of Fire Starter Festival 2017, offering insight into what it is like to host and participate in the festival, including:

FSF 2020 Taster Session Presentation – A Powerpoint presentation giving you an overview of the history of the festival and a bit of info about the festival in 2020.

Recording of the FSF Taster session webinar on 15th August 2019:

You can find more info about attending one of our FSF Taster information sessions or webinars here.

FSF logo Fire Starter Festival Logo – If you do want to use this in your own materials to promote your event as part of the festival, please link back to our website – www.firestarterfestival.com

FSF Background Brief – information on Fire Starter Festival that you can use to shape internal marketing or strategic documents.

Crowd-sourced list of venues and spaces – please add in any venues that you know of, particularly public buildings and social enterprises.