Impact Heresy & Whole New World – an ‘accidental’ community of practice?

Guest blog by Lorraine Gillies, Chief Officer, Scottish Community Safety Network

What happens when a group of people from disparate backgrounds, working in different fields and different cultures suddenly realise that they are an ACTUAL community and that’s where their strength lies?

That’s what happened to me while taking part in the third instalment of the Fire Starter Festival Performance trilogy.

Over the past three years a bunch of us have been self-organising and resourcing a series of sessions broadly around the theme of performance. We have been challenging commonly held views around measuring what matters, focusing on outcomes, seeking complex solutions and asking some questions about why we do what we do and what we measure what we measure?

Last year’s session used a fishbowl technique to encourage involvement from a range of

From that session, the small gang gathered more interested members and we were able to put on two larger events at #FSF2018 on ‘Impact Heresy’ and ‘A Whole New World’.

Wow – what a turnout, we were a sell-out show!  Brilliant discussions and presentations from a range of people keen to challenge the norm and do things differently.  Twitter and (our fancy app) recorded it all for us (even trending at one point).

twitter performance 2



Turns out the gang is much bigger than we thought and a Community is emerging…   We are meeting again this month to think about keeping the momentum going, Give us a shout if you want to be in it…


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