Release your imagination and start a fire

The Fire Starter Festival is not just about sharing stories of innovation -the small fires of change. It’s also about releasing your imagination and starting a conversation about something that matters to you.

lindasblogWe all have what, Maxine Greene calls, a social imagination – the capacity to invent visions of what should and what might be. So if  we share these with others, or even the questions that surround our visions , could we possibly ignite something new?  It doesn’t have to fully formed – indeed the messier and more chaotic the better!

Is this not what creativity is? Oliver Sacks wrote about that the “buzzing, blooming chaos of the mind engaged in creative work doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Rather, it coalesces from a particular cloud of influences and inspirations without which creativity cannot come about”.

So, our invitation to you: release your imagination, and put a call out to this vast creative community. Find a space to hold your conversation; preferably one that allows for new perspectives, de-familiarises the ordinary and what we habitually take for granted.  Maybe a corner of a museum, a walk through the city, or the hills, a café.

All you have to do is:

  • Give a title – could be your question, or idea
  • Date and time – can just be an hour or two
  • Place – this could be a café, your office, a public space
  • Numbers – how many people can participate?
  • A sentence or two explaining what your event will be about, and why people will want to join you
  • Contact details

Send this to us at and we will help you get your event online with the rest of our Fire Starter Festival programme.

You can find more information about hosting events here – including our ethos and principles, and how hosting a Fire Starter Festival event could benefit you.




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