What Sparks have been lit?

Who would have thought that life could have changed so much since the Fire Starter
Festival in January and February? Covid 19 has led to new ways of integrating home
and work, changing communication and relationships, whilst also sparking off ideas
and giving us glimpses of pockets of the future in the present.

One of the ideas that has been sparked is:

Creative Bravery Festival

A group of educators (cross sectors), parents and designers, hosted an event during
the Fire Starter Festival in Jan 2020 on the future of education. With the onset of the
COVID crisis, they started to meet regularly again online to make sense of what is
happening and what opportunities there are for how young people’s learning now
and in the future. As members of this group are situated in schools, colleges and
universities, as well as parents themselves and working with a range of employers,
they have been gathering insights to understand a systems view of what is
happening around learning, mental health and integrating home life and employment
for families, particularly those in the most challenging circumstances.

They have formed questions around:

  • What are the new and emerging roles and how do we involve parents, carers, young people and employers in developing a learning experiences and curriculum that places creativity, well-being, kindness and care at its heart?
  • How do we work collectively to ensure that learning is meaningful to each learner?
  • What acts of creative bravery do we need to take to provide space to learn, particularly during this challenging time?

Listening to those in their communities, they saw the need to bring people together
to share existing examples of creative bravery that are already happening within
education, to help inspire others. They have developed an event in June to engage
with educators, parents, young people around their stories of creative bravery. More
than 100 people signed up to the event within the first week. This event will act as a
stimulus for collective, supportive and self-organised work throughout the summer
period and culminating in a creative bravery festival in September.
The group are showing leadership in their communities and are well and networked
in and across their fields. They are keen to be more involved in ongoing
conversations and work in the recovery and future plans for education in Scotland.

What does Creative Bravery mean to you?

We are keen to find out what other sparks have been lit and what else is happening
across public services that you think could be creatively brave. Could this be an
emerging theme for Fire Starter 2021 and what could a creatively brave festival look
like. Please share your ideas by emailing collectiveleadership@gov.scot.

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